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Ekam Tamil The Supreme Oness Is The Term Used In Akilhirattu Ammanai The Holy Book Of Ayyavazhi To Present The Ultimate Oness In Thiruvasakam It Was Stated That It Was From This Ekam That All Objects Cluding The Separate Godheads Devas And Uras Of The Universe Formed As Per Akilam This State Of Ekam Is Beyond The Consciousness And Derived To Beyond The State Of Chaing And Is The Extreme State In Which The Whole Universe Exists In Saivism Ekam Is Used Monly To Refer To The Oness Of God But In Ayyavazhi The Basic Oness Is Separately Symbolized To Be Supreme And Ultimate Beyond All God Heads And Powers The Ekam Is Said To Be The Supreme As Well As The Ultimate Self From Which The Whole Cmos Formed This Formless Attribute Is Said To Be Defined From The Human Point Of View But This Formless Ekam Without Losing Its Constant And Formless Nature Is Present Inside All Things In The Universe That Is It Remains As Finite Within Every Finite Formless Within Every Definite Form It Is The Supreme Absolute Self In Which All The Substances Of Cmos S Their Existence The Derivations Of Ekam In Ayyavazhi Scriptures Are Sotime Close To The Pantheistic Form Of Theology In The Mythology Of Ayyavazhi God Heads Such As Siva Vishnu Are Said To Be The Godheads Who Have Power To Rule This Ekam Varying From Time To Time Siva Until Kaliyuga And Vishnu From The Starting Of Kaliyuga There Are Separate Quotes In Akilam For Focusing Siva As Well As Vishnu As Capable For Position But Still The Ekam Is Addressed Beyond These God Heads But When Vaikundar Is Jailed In Singarathoppe He Says I Am The One Who Created The Ekam And The One Who Is Omnipresent Evywhere By This The Theology Reveals Vaikundar God As Beyond The Attributes Of Ekam Which Moves The Theology Of Ayyavazhi More Towards Pantheism
Description: Ekam has Everything With Him.The Songs Come Out From His Very Life.They Are Not Materials Gathered From Outside.Ekam Mesmerizing Audience From Melodious Voice.Charming Personality Of Ekam Attracts Every Age Group Either They Are Males Or Females.In The Songs, Ekam has been lost in the river of melody which is the unboundation of the sweetest strain of the melody.Ekam sang words without sense but the tones of the words went to everyones heart.Songs of Ekam are the combination of sadness as well as mirth.There is no half singing in the shower you are either a rockstar or a opera diva.As long as people , There is no end of Ekam singing. ekam yoga,ekamai,ekam yoga bozeman,ekam,ekkamai,ekamp,ekamai thai sugarhouse,ekam yoga napa,ekami,ekam meaning,ekam mp3,ekam mp3mad,ekam mp3 free download,ford ekam mp3 song download,mashook ekam mp3,gabru ekam mp3,ekam satyam mp3 download,ekam movie mp3,.

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