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The Rebab Arabic Rab B Variously Spelled Rebap Rab Reb Raba And Rabeba Also Known As Jawza Or Joza In Iraq Is A Type Of A Bowed String Instrument So Named No Later Than The Th Century And Spread Via Islamic Trading Routes Over Much Of North Africa The Middle East Parts Of Europe And The Far East The Bowed Variety Often Has A Spike At The Bottom To Rest On The Ground See First Image To The Right And Is Thus Called A Spike Fiddle In Certain Areas But Plucked Versions Like The Kabuli Rebab Sotimes Ferred To As The Robab Or Rubab Also Exist Bides The Spike Fiddle Variant There Also Exists A Variant With A Pear Shaped Body Quite Similar To The Byzantine Lyra And The Cretan Lyra This Latter Variant Travelled To Western Europe In The Th Century And Became The Rebec This Article Will Only Concentrate On The Spike Fiddle Rebab Which Usually Consists Of A Small Usually Rounded Body The Front Of Which Is Covered In A Membrane Such As Parchment Or Sheepskin And Has A Long Neck Attached There Is A Long Thin Neck With A Pegbox At The End And There Are One Two Or Three Strings There Is No Fingerboard The Instrument Is Held Upright Either Resting On The Lap Or On The Floor The Bow Is Usually More Curved Than That Of The Violin The Rebab Though Valued For Its Voice Like Tone Has A Very Limited Range Little Over An Octave And Was Gradually Replaced Thrghout Much Of The Arab World By The Violin And Kemenche The Iraqi Version Of The Instrument Jawza Or Joza Has Four Strings
Description: Rabab has Everything With Him.The Songs Come Out From His Very Life.They Are Not Materials Gathered From Outside.Rabab Mesmerizing Audience From Melodious Voice.Charming Personality Of Rabab Attracts Every Age Group Either They Are Males Or Females.In The Songs, Rabab has been lost in the river of melody which is the unboundation of the sweetest strain of the melody.Rabab sang words without sense but the tones of the words went to everyones heart.Songs of Rabab are the combination of sadness as well as mirth.There is no half singing in the shower you are either a rockstar or a opera diva.As long as people , There is no end of Rabab singing. rabab,rababa,rabab hashim,rabab abdulhadi,rababa games,rabab instrument,rabab meaning,rabobank,rababah,rabab music,rabab mp3,rabab mp3 download,rabab mp3 music,rabab mp3 ringtones free download,rabab mp3 songs free download,rabab mp3 tones,rabab mp3 saaz,.

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